Farm Activities

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Farm Activities

Main farm activities involves milking, feeding, and packing milk


During milking season, cows are milked twice a day. For milking cows there is no human intereference and we use highy higenic machines.

During the process, cow dung and other wastes accumulated in the area will be cleaned and collected in oxidation ponds.

Cleaning and Feeding cows

Dairy cows require a balanced diet for milk production, body maintenance and good health. Cleaning the cows is a daily affair in order to keep them hygenic.

The feed requirements for lactating cows are different from that of calves and heifers. For feeding the cows, we use green fodder, dry fodder, concentrate feed etc. Special attention will be given to milch animals and pregnant animals.

Bottling plant

The collected milks will be transported to the dairy plant daily. We will seperate the raw milk into skim and cream through centrifugal force. And then standardize the skim with the cream to produce the targetted milk.

Then we pasturize the milk and pump the product to the milk filling machine. Then using machine we fill the bottles with milk.

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