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Dairy farming - An Overview

Get to Know More About Farming

Dairy farming

Dairy farming is a class of agriculture which aims for large scale production of milk or milk products. Dairy farming has been the part of agriculture for thousands of years. Farming includes cows, goats, and sheeps.

Large scale dairy farming is required only when there is a need of production of large amount of milk or other dairy products such as cheese, butter, etc. It is worth notable that, India is the number one country in milk production in world.

Milking Methods

'Hand milking method' is the most common methods used especially in small scale farms. Medium scale or large scale farms uses machines for milking and no human interference involved in milking.

'Vaccum bucket milking' can be referred as the first attempt on milking machine, which was followed by 'Milking pipeline' and 'Milking parlors'. In 1980s and 1990s, robotic milking systems were developed. There are thousands of such systems are available now in routine operation.

Dairy Farm Tasks

Dairy farm tasks includes careful management of cows. This includes prompt supply of foods to the cows at right time, so that they stay healthy. The milking operations has to be very hygenic.

Put the cattles in hygenic environment is also necessary to keep the cattle away from diseases. Routine medical checkups has to be conducted. More importantly, the equipements have to be sterilized and cleaned properly.

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