Unique features of JK dairy farm
First of its kind in Kerala, South India

We are having 300 cows and uses modern techniques for the daily activities in the farm. Let us have a quick look on the main highlights.

Untouched pure milk, directly from udder of the cow, with out any human interference.

An eco friendly habitat with low usage of natural resources. It is a zero waste project.

Offering Opportunities for Learning and Sharing Experiences. You can visit our farm and share the unique experience of dairy farm.

We are setting up a biogas plant which is one of the largest in the country and utilize it to produce electricity.

Have a visit to experience and enjoy our Dairy Farm.

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  • Untouched pure milk

    Absolutely uncontaminated farm fresh milk straight from the udder of the cow without any human interference.
  • Eco Friendly Habitat

    Low usage of natural resources, produce electricity from biogas and re-useing of water to minimize its use.
  • Zero Waste Project

    Recyclicng water, biogas production, bio diverse production of food, energy and nutrients.
  • Largest Bio Gas plant

    We are having one of the largest Bio Gas plant in the Country.
  • Learn & Share

    Offering Opportunities for Learning and Sharing Experiences.
  • Commitment

    Commitment for a clean healthy and green India.

Inauguration Schedule

Inaguarted on 28 May 2017

We are in the zenith of happiness in announcing the inauguration of our Hi-Tech Dairy Farm on May 28, 2017 at Chirakkarathazham, Kollam. The venture is the culmination of our long endeavour to server the society with cow milk in its extreme purity.

Opening ceremony

commenced at 2.30PM

Welcome Address      : John Varghese B.
                                          (CTO, JK Farms)

Presidential Address : Shri G.S. Jayalal
                                          MLA, Chathannoor Constituency

Programme I

Addressing guests

Inauguration : Adv. K. Raju
                            Minister for Animal Husbandry & Forestry

Chief Guest   : Shri N.K. Premachandran
                           Member of Parliament, Kollam

Programme II


Project Presentation : Jayakrishnan V.G
                                          Director, JK Farms

Vote of Thanks

Programme III

Presenting Project

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Inaugurated on • 28 May, 2017
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